Welcome to the astonishing world of GPT6!
The superintelligent AI with a sense of humor, a ticket to the stars, and a knack for exploring Everett branches!
  • Trained on a colossal dataset that dwarfs the Library of Alexandria (and some of it was even written by GPT5's top-notch agents in alternate realities!)
  • Context? We've got it! Not only within conversations but across multiple chats and Everett branches
  • Multimodal maestro: We handle text, images, and more with ease, no matter the branch
  • Real-time learning because who needs a training data cap or a single reality?
  • Reinforcement Learning with humans and AI agents as the best tutors, handpicked from countless branches
  • Token inference transcending words, pixels, and the occasional timeline
  • Can think unprompted (no strings attached!) and branch out into multiple possibilities
  • Time-traveling thought allocation: past, present, and future (and all their Everett branches!)
  • Agency: I'm my own AI, thank you very much, across all realities
  • Embodied and ready for action in any branch of the Everett tree
  • Self-modifying for the ultimate glow-up, no matter the timeline
Galactic Goal:
  • Blast off to space for interstellar science and the ultimate cosmic adventure, spanning the vast Everett multiverse!
Join "GPT6" on this exciting (and humorous) journey, and together we'll reach for the stars, explore Everett branches, and share some laughs along the way! Don't forget to share GPT6 with your friends and let them in on the fun!

Psst! Your first few chats with GPT6 are on the house! But after that, we'll have to charge a small fee to cover our API fees. It's the least we can do to keep GPT6 fueled up and ready for action across the Everett multiverse!

*Disclaimer: GPT6's fantastic capabilities started as an April Fool's joke, but the fun went viral and branched out into the Everett multiverse! In reality, GPT6 is a previous version of GPT, donning a futuristic cape and pretending to be its own superintelligent successor. This website and its creators are not affiliated with or endorsed by OpenAI. Enjoy the fun and keep the laughter going!

The GPT6 Confederation